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Perfect Home Services Business & Non-Profit Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

Not to be combined with any other offer.

What’s in it for me, my referral, the business/non-profit & PHS?


We'll send you a $20 Visa gift card every time we run an appointment for a new customer you've referred to us AND we’ll send you a cash payment equal to 4% of every dollar that your referral spent with us.

Your Referral:

We’ll send them an email which includes our very best deals and discounts. Nobody pays less at PHS than a new referral customer does so you’re helping your referrals get the very best price possible with us.

Your Business/Non-Profit:

We’ll send the business/non-profit you're associated with a cash payment equal to 2% of every dollar that your referral spent with us. (On top of the 4% paid to the person who referred the new customer)


We spend thousands of dollars every year with advertising outlets to meet new customers. We feel like it would be way more rewarding for us to give this money to people in our community than to send so much of it to advertisers.

This is what you call a win, win, win!

How do I refer PHS?

You’ve got three simple options:

  • Call us directly and let us know the contact information of your referral
  • Provide us with their contact information directly from the dashboard and we'll reach out to them
  • Send out a special link via social media, email or text message to all of your friends, family members and neighbors and if they respond we’ll know you sent them to us.

Can you give me an example?


You can help us meet new customers in any of the 3 ways mentioned above. We’ll immediately send your customer/referral an email which contains the very best deals and discounts we have available. (IE: $49 for one furnace & one A/C tuneup. $100 off each furnace, AC, water heater and/or water filtration system. $60 off any repair.Free estimates on any installation, repair or system replacement.)

When we go out to their house for an appointment we will automatically send you a Visa gift card for $20. In 2 weeks we’ll look at how much money your referral spent with us in that 2 week period and send you a cash payment equal to 4% of every dollar that your referral spent with us. We would also be giving 2% to the business/non-profit on top of the 4% paid to the person who referred the new customer.

So if they spent $2000 with us in that period of time we would send you $80 cash & the business/non-profit would get $40. Or if they spent $10,000 with us we would send you $400 cash, business/non-profit would get $200.

What if I don’t feel comfortable taking money for referring someone?

Simple. We’re still going to send you the money but, you can do something more noble with the money if you want. Donate it to a charity, school board, church or give the money to your referral.

It’s your money and your choice. The possibilities are endless. We just feel strongly about paying you for referrals rather than paying advertisers.

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Terms and Conditions